WiFi Alliance Announced New Generation WiFi, WiFi 6

WiFi Alliance Announced New Generation WiFi, WiFi 6

WiFi 6 – WiFi Alliance Announced New Generation Wi-Fi

WiFi 6 will be coming soon to India, “WiFi Alliance” has announced the rebranding of 802.11 Wi-Fi standards. At the first Wi-Fi, versions were identified as letters and numbers. For example 802.11ac, which is being given in smartphones recently.

Now they will be known via WiFi 3, WiFi 4 or similar names. The current Wi-Fi version 802.11ac will be known as WiFi 5. Right now, the company “WiFi Alliance” which introduces Next-Generation Wi-Fi version 802.11x will be called WiFi 6. Let us know that WiFi Alliance is a Wi-Fi company.

Learn about WiFi 6 –

WiFi Alliance is working on a new approach to help the manufacturers and operators to make wireless networking rules more useful than ever before. Upgraded variants of WiFi 5 will work using 802.11ax i.e. WiFi 6 will use 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, bands.

In this case, it will not need any extra wireless antenna. WiFi 6 will be able to deliver speed up to 11Gbps in three or more devices. According to news reports, WiFi 6 can be launched next year.

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About WiFi Alliance Company –

WiFi Alliance CEO Edgar Figueroa said, “We are very excited about WiFi 6. Offering Wi-Fi with the new name will prove to be better for the industry and users. This will allow users and industry to better understand Wi-Fi generation in any device and connection. “

The company WiFi Alliance can present new terminology for the Wi-Fi ecosystem. The company says that they will not use WiFi 1, 2, 3 to identify the old Wi-Fi version 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g standards. Because they have been outdated somewhere. According to reports, certification programs for new Wi-Fi standards will start in 2019.

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