What is WordPress? Full Explanation for Biginners

What is WordPress? Full Explanation for Biginners
What is Wordpress? Some basic knowledge.

What is WordPress and why we should use it? – Today we are going to tell you about WordPress and what is WordPress and why we should use it. If you are a blogger or a website developer then it becomes very important for you to get it done and the people who want to make a career in blogging, WordPress is less than a boon for them.

WordPress was launched on May 27, 2003, by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. Friends, today we will tell you that what is WordPress? and why this is the best option for creating a website or blog. So, let’s go ahead.

What is WordPress? Full Explanation

WordPress is a content management system (CMS). Which is made with the help of MySQL and PHP. And which requires a web server to be installed, which we call an internet hosting service, such as Godaddy, HostGator, Bluehost, Hostinger, Siteground etc. All these companies provide us web hosting which helps us to install WordPress.

If in simple words, the content management system is the content of the website and how to keep it as how the text should be, what should be in the header and footer, how popular and recent post should look like. You can manage according to your own.

Types of WordPress 

Friends, you get two types of WordPress. wordpress.com and wordpress.org that many people get confused by what they see and they do not understand what they create on their website or blog.


Here you can create a blog at absolutely free. You do not need any web hosting and domain for this. Just like the way you create a blog on Google’s blogger.com, wordpress.com works.

You do not need web hosting and domain to create blogs on both Blogger.com and wordpress.com, but for working on blogger.com, you need a computer language and you are given limited features on wordpress.com is.

Altogether, if you are a new blogger and you want to learn about blogging, then you can use both of them. But if you want to make a blogging career, it will be better for you to work on wordpress.org.


Here you can create a professional website or blog. But or a paid service because you read web hosting and domain purchases to create a website on it, then you can work on it only. All the big bloggers who work on it. This is called WordPress only.

What is a Domain?

The domain is the address of your website or blog like google.com, facebook.com, youtube.com, iReadFirst.com etc

What is Web Hosting?

Whatever you add content to your websites like a blog post, photo, and video, everything is stored in your web hosting.

If you want success in blogging then this is the best option. Our website also remains on this. It gives you unlimited plugin and themes which you can change the design of the website from one click only.

Why Do We Use WordPress?

Some people have a question about why we use WordPress, which is a paid platform, while we can make our blog free on Google’s blogger. So we tell you its benefits. Which you will understand well, why should we use WordPress?

Some Important Points About WordPress

  • In this, you can create a professional website or blog.
  • If you want to make a career in blogging and want to be successful, wordpress.org is the best choice.
  • You can work in it without any coding.
  • In this, you get unlimited themes which you can easily change the design of your website and blog within one click.
  • This gives you unlimited plugin. Just like if you want to give your subscriber the information of your post by email, then you just have to install a plugin.
  • WordPress is completely safe and secure.
  • It is SEO friendly that helps your website rank in Google.
  • WordPress is very easy to use.

What is a WordPress Plugin?

Probably many people do not even understand what the plugin is and what it does. Just like if you have created a contact form on google’s blogger, you have to code for it.

Because google’s blogger is based on computer language and coding. Without that, we can not do anything about this. But if our only thing is to do this by clicking one, then it is called Plugin in WordPress.

What is WordPress Themes:

Everyone wants to give the professional design to his or her website. Because the design of our website only tells that the type of website is. And it is very easy to make website professional in WordPress.

It gives you unlimited Themes, by install the themes you need, you can customize it as per your requirement. And you can make your own a professional website.

WordPress Dashboard 

As we told you that it is very easy to use WordPress because the developer has designed its interface which we can easily understand and use it.

This is the kind of thing you can do with the fact that even a person can use MS Word in the computer to run it easily. Because if you want to create a page in your website or say to write a post, then you have to click on it and write your post.

Overall, the WordPress dashboard is easy to use. In the beginning, there are some things to understand that which option is said in the dashboard and it also does not take much time for you.

So, friends, I hope, Now you must have understood what is WordPress? and why it should be used? This is our first post on WordPress series. If you like our post, then definitely share it on Social Media. And if you have any questions, please comment on us.

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