How To Download WhatsApp on Your Jiophone or Jiophone2

How To Download WhatsApp on Your Jiophone or Jiophone2

How To Install WhatsApp on Your Jiophone or Jiophone2 – Recently, Reliance has announced the support of WhatsApp for its Jiophone and Jiophone2 features phones. Let’s know how you can install WhatsApp in your Jiophone.

Do you know how to download Whatsapp in Reliance Jiophone / Jiophone 2? At this time it can be called a big question, it may be that many users have a Jiophone and they may even start using Whatsapp, but it may be that many other users have Jiophone is there, but you can not use WhatsApp in it.

Now both of these sentences apply to you, but today we are going to tell you all how can you download Whatsapp in your Jiophone. However, before that, we start telling you something.

You know that Geophone was launched as a feature phone last year by the company, and there were many such features that you get in a smartphone. In it, you could do all that you were doing on a smartphone.

Apart from this, you could also use many Jio applications. Although there was a lack of time at that time and it was that in Jiophones you could not use WhatsApp and some other apps. However, it was believed that soon Jiophones will have the support of WhatsApp.

Reliance jio –

Reliance jio introduced this new phone with its new generation of Jiophone generation this year, but there was also no support for Whatsapp. However, at the same time, it was said that both of these phones will soon start decreasing whitespace.

As it was said, Jiophone got the support of WhatsApp on September 10, 2018. This means that now you can install and download it in your Jiophone. Although it is not that you can only use the support of Whatsapp in Jiophone, you can also use it in Jiophone 2.

Also, let’s tell you that users of Jiophone can also use some other apps like Google Maps, YouTube and Facebook. Remind you that Jiophone and Jiophone 2 are the only feature phones that support Whatsapp on KaiOS.

Now let’s discuss how you can install and download Whatsapp in jiophone. For this, you are going to tell you some easy steps today. By using those, you can easily download WhatsApp and use Whatsapp in your JioPhone. Let’s take a look, how can you do this?

How To Download WhatsApp on Your Jiophone or Jiophone2 –

Follow these Steps:

(i) For this, you must first update your phone.

(ii) Then open the JioApp Store in your Jiophone.

(ii) Go to the search box and search “Whatsapp”.

(iv) Now download WhatsApp, and open it when the process is complete.

(v) Set up your Whatsapp account through your Reliance Jio number.

(vi) On the same number, you will receive an OTP Enter it here.

(vii) Now you can easily use WhatsApp on your JioPhone.

This process is exactly the same as you would like to download WhatsApp for any other smartphone. Apart from this, you do not have to do anything separately. You can then use WhatsApp easily in your Jiophone.

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